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Main Server is now DUO!

Author: Malt Date: 11/2/2023 11:51:30 AM

We are happy to announce the main server is now a DUO server! SOLO hardcore is coming soon!

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SOLO Rusted AK

Author: Slush Date: 7/5/2023 11:17:41 AM

We have changed the TRIO server to a SOLO server. Just seemed like a nice option for people to play on with low upkeep and minis that spawn. Should be a somewhat less sweaty server than other SOLO servers. We will see. -MALT

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Rusted AK Hardcore server

Author: Crazy Horse Date: 9/1/2022 1:12:08 PM

RUST Hardcore game mode changes:

Disabled Rust+ Companion App and forced complete anonymity and map information restriction on third-party

player resources (encrypted maps)

Removed the crawling feature from the Wounded system, reverting to players downed becoming completely

prone and vulnerable

Removed the Contact system entirely

Removed the Team system entirely

Removed the MLRS system entirely

Removed the Mission system and removed NPCs

Removed Drone Marketplaces from Outpost and Bandit Camp monuments

Adds a limit of 5 sleeping bags or beds per character, per server – players may still give bags to others, but 1 bag

slot will always be reserved to be placed by a player

Removed navigational features such as the in-game map and compass

Removed safe zone status — enter at your own risk.

Removed safe zone hostility and the indicator icon located in the top right window corner

Death screens transparency altered

Redacted seed information from the F1 Info panel

Disabled console commands: printpos, printrot, printhead, printeyes & printinput

The Hardcore server tag has been made searchable in the server browser.

Global chat was replaced with Local chat, visible to players within a 100-meter limit.

Player blueprints are force wiped every first Thursday of the month.

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The RustedAk Dummy Door

Author: M7 Date: 8/31/2022 4:10:04 PM

Using the random switch, players can make a door that opens and closes to make door campers think you are in the base. This will give you time to sneak up and kill them at your front door.

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Check out Sneaks music!

Author: Sneak Date: 8/31/2022 3:40:42 PM


If you like country music, come give me a follow!

8/31/2022 3:45:12 PM
Drew Green's first blog post! Look at that!
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New Player Tip Create An Airlock

Author: M7 Date: 8/29/2022 10:29:32 PM

After building the first base, players will think of ways to make it as protected as possible. Raids in Rust are the most common events, so resources and materials should be hidden well. For example, when getting into a fight with a very strong player, people often run and hide in their bases.

But if anything goes wrong and they die, raiders will have an open door leading them right into the base. Instead, if players create an "airlock," even if something goes wrong, there are two doors to get through. So whether someone dies on their doorstep or someone somehow breaks in, it won't be so easy for them, and players still have a chance to protect their base!

8/30/2022 9:28:43 PM
I am a big fan of the airlocks. When I started I did not know how to do it. I paid a big price.
8/30/2022 8:49:30 PM
Air locks have saved my base more than I would like to admit. Here is a really good tip. Place a bag as close to your base as you can. Make sure it is BLUE! if someone gets in you can spawn out side sneak up and shut the door. Trapping them!
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The Bullhorn

Author: M7 Date: 8/28/2022 6:39:57 PM

Also a trio base, but it can be used by many more people. Raiding this is a real pain in the ass. It takes 24 rockets to the TC and all loot. And building it can be very very expensive. That's why I recommend you to make this base with more people. It will be with you for the rest of the wipe. It takes 350 HQM, 27000 metal fragments, 23000 stone, 19000 wood, and 57 gears. The upkeep will be very high, but in the end, everything is worth it.

8/31/2022 3:30:24 PM
Good base!
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Author: M7 Date: 8/28/2022 6:36:05 PM

This is probably going to be more useful than the base above. Since a lot of people don't know how to start, or they are just having a hard time playing solo, we found a base that is hard to door camp, practical for starters and advanced players, and easily accessible.

It takes 4000 stone and 4200 wood along with 950 metal fragments. The upkeep is not going to be too demanding. This is only for the beginning, but if hidden well, it can serve really well.

8/30/2022 8:17:56 PM
The humble 1x2. If you are new to rust this is a good video to watch.
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The Armada!

Author: M7 Date: 8/25/2022 9:14:28 PM

This base is insane, it's a very good designed start-to-main base that can be used throughout the whole playthrough. You will need a lot of people like really, a lot of people to build this base and to maintain it. To reach all the loot you will need over 150 rockets which is just insane. It needs 1600 HQM, 190k metal fragments, 160k stone, 170k wood, and 280 gears. Good luck to those who want to build this and maintain it; the upkeep is enormously high. \n BP's certainly needed \n Extreme upkeep \n Easy access, countless armored layers Great protected core Roofcamping is compatible, with a lot of protection Highly trap compatible, outside and inside Door-Camp immune

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This is a high powered physical server with dual SSDs and 1 GB internet connection! Super smooth running server.

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